The Miller Trust


Committee 2013-2017

Chair: Krzysztof Bobrowski (Poland)

Vice-chair: Mats Jonsson (Sweden)

Secretary: Erzsébet Takács (Hungary)

Treasurer: Nicholas Green (UK)



Yuri Berlin (Russia/USA)

Mehran Mostafavi (France)

Piotr Ulanski (Poland)

László Wojnárovits (Hungary)

Clelia Dispenza (Italy)

Dirk Guldi (Germany)

Israel Zilbermann (Israel)

The Miller Conference

The Miller Trust for Radiation Chemistry

The Miller Trust for Radiation Chemistry is a charity registered in the United Kingdom (registration number 802533). The objects of the Trust are for the advancement of public education concerning the chemical effects of radiation. The Trust was organised by former colleagues and friends of the late Dr Nicholas Miller, with one of the aims being to organise regular scientific conferences in the UK and other countries in Europe in the general subject area of radiation chemistry.

Miller Conferences have been held at two-year intervals since 1959, and provide a European equivalent of the Gordon Research Conference in Radiation Chemistry, long-established in the USA.


29 Miller Conferences

1st 1959 - R. Roberts Portmeirion, Wales

2nd 1961 - F. S. Dainton Portmeirion, Wales

3rd 1963 - M. Magat Rocamadour, France

4th 1965 - W. Wild Portmeirion, Wales

5th 1967 - J. Kroh Kazimierz, Poland

6th 1969 - J. J. Weiss Portmeirion, Wales

7th 1971- G. Semerano Sardinia, Italy

8th 1973 - J. H. Baxendale Portmeirion, Wales

9th 1975 - T. Gaumann Biirgenstock, Switzerland

10th 1977 - G. Scholes Portmeirion, Wales

11th 1979 - N. Th. Rakintzis Nafplion, Greece

12th 1981 - G. A. Salmon Windermere, England

13th 1983 - D. Schulte-Frohlinde Hunfeld, Germany

14th 1985 - A. J. Swallow Windermere, England

15th 1987 - R. Schiller Sopron, Hungary

16th 1989 - C. O. Phillips Windermere, England

17th 1991 - J. Belloni Giens, France

18th 1993 - P. Wardman Windermere, England

19th 1995 - Q. G. Mulazzani Cervia, Italy

20th 1997 - P. O'Neill; A. Johnson Windermere, England

21st 1999 - J. M. Warman Doorwerth, The Netherlands

22nd 2001 - N. Green Windermere, England

23rd 2003 - J. Mayer; J. L. Gebicki Bialowieza, Poland

24th 2005 - M. Spotheim-Maurizot; C. Houee-Levin La Londe les Maures, France

25th 2007 - S. M. Pimblott; N. Harridge Buxton, England

26th 2009 - E. Takacs; L. Wojnarovits Keszthely, Hungary (Conference website)

27th 2011- M. Jonsson Tallberg, Sweden

28th 2013 - I. Zilbermann; S. Goldstein Dead Sea, Israel

29th 2015 - N. Green Windermere, England

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